About the Festival...

LA LA –THE GREAT PARTY FOR ALL THE CHILDREN AND BY GOD BLESSED. TRA LA LA –SING ENDLESSLY, WITH SONG IT IS GOING TO BE EASIER. These verses echoed in the distant 2000. In the town of councils, the children’s song was heard, the children’s noise and happiness, and all that gathered in one place- THE CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL TRA LA LA. With a lot of glow ember and enthusiastic steps, the association of art BT FEST and its leader TONI ALEKSOVSKI were heading to one common aim -to gather the most famous composers, text writers and arrangers from the Macedonian stage in one place and in perfect harmony. And so everything began. The most talented were chosen; they sang the best songs and made great impression. Hosted by the biggest kid of the festival Darko Mijalkovski, and filled in with the ballet dancers and the choir consisted of about forty children, the first edition of TRA LA LA was already happening. The GRAND PRIH price of the festival was rewarded to the composition WHY I CAN’T SLEEP, from the author Miodrag Necak- Mix, performed by the band “VIVA”.

Disco club SWING-LA CINEMA, Bitola 2001, TRA LA LA for the second time, and once again a holiday of the children’s song, and once again choruses that are going to be nested in the children’s fantasy. Risto Samardziev, this time in the role of a host, gave the award to the composition PRETTY LILE, which was performed with a great success by the young Teodora Jovanovska. And its full author of this composition is Krste Simonovski – Krc from Bitola. Numerous participations follow as for example the contest for the hit of the decade from all the best children festivals in Macedonia, charity concerts, New Year’s Eve events, participation in popular TV shows. TRA LA LA surely is headed toward the title for the most successful children’s manifestation in the country and wider. TRA LA LA is going to be a product of joint success of every participant and they are going to make it live in the children’s world together.

The National theatre was the place where the third edition of TRA LA LA took place. What was new this year was a new category of an award and that was the award for interpretation. It was given to the young Marija Stankovska for the song MINE, MINE, MINE, by the author Miodrag Necak, and the GRAND PRIH price of the festival went to the little starlet Elena Shalevska who gained the sympathy from the audience with the song VLADO COKOLADO. Performances on stage wouldn’t have been complete if they haven’t been enriched by the sense of taste from the ballet groups who gave their contribution in this whole decade of existence of TRA LA LA for this manifestation to be the most colorful, the most joyful and the most playful. Those are the ballet group of Sanya Kuzmanovska, the modern ballet dancing studio “Anastasia “and the dance studio “Step “all from Bitola. For all of them from all the participant of TRA LA LA one huge THANK YOU.

ONE LITTLE FROG, 101 DALMATIONS and ELENA were the awarded songs for 2003. The first one was performed by Monika Stojcevska and written by Hary Kotlarovski, for the Dalmatians sang Bisera Siljanovska, asong written by Dragan Karanfilovski – Bojs, and for ELENA sang Elena Shalevska a song written by the composer Miodrag Necak- Mix. He is the man who gave a great contribution for TRA LA LA to have this appearance. In the first decade all the music material has been recorded in his studio and he is also the author of the festival’s anthem that echoes each year announcing the start of another friendly time spend together. It is not enough to say that he with his pedagogical approach towards the little talents and his musical expertise in creating the back vocals, all through the original ornaments sang by the choir, he contributed so that TRA LA LA can proudly present its production and musical characteristics.

On the fifth edition of TRA LA LA in 2004 the hosts and actors Gabriela Petrusevska and Ivan Jercik were on the top of their assignment. With a great amount of humor while announcing the participants they managed to enrich the performance of the vocalists and to gain the applauses from the numerous children and adults from the audience. Up to 2009 Gabriela Petrusevska was the leader of the festivals wheel leading the audience as well as the participants through the magic tales and beautiful stories, their first love. And in that 2004 on the fifth birthday of TRA LA La several rooms were decorated with statues Marija Vasilevska got the reward from the vocalists of the festival for the song I’M NOT A TOY –a song written by the composer Hari Kotlarovski, ONLY HIM by Dragan Karanfilovski – Boys once again sang by Bisera Siljanovska and awarded by the JURY and DISCO performed by Monika Stojcevska who gain the sympathy of the audience of TRA LA LA 2004. Many performances and visits follow-on the Eurovision contest, charity concert for an ill child, visits in the children’s ward in the Clinic Hospital-Bitola, New Years Eve on the city square. For TRA LA LA it is spoken in superlative. On all the media in Macedonia the videos of the best and most talented are shown daily.

In the following 2005 another new event in the rewarding was added. Short videos were taken for the new songs and each of them got a number for voting. For the first time in the country there is an award by television-voting on a children’s festival. That year the honor to have the reward was to Valjbona Ibraimi for the song IT’S NOT FAIR and the author of the song is our collaborator Renato Mihajlovski who contributed in enrichment of our chorus during all these years. For the song ONE GRANDMA the reward by the Jury went to Tamara Stojkovska who carries TRA LA LA deep inside, and the authors of the song are Risto Samardziev and Damir Imeri. The votes from the audience were given to Aleksandra Mitrevska for the hit which is still sang on children’s parties FORTH TO FIFTH GRADE by the author Krste Simonovski – Krc. So that all the fans of TRA LA LA can have their own collection of all CD and DVD editions, the editing and producing house SENATOR RECORDS made their best to distribute the material throughout Macedonia and wider.

The seventh edition of the festival was shining with its full glamour. A lot of famous music stars enriched this happening. The list is too long to mention everyone but here wee can mention Dragan Karanfilovski – Bojs, Risto Samardziev, Kristijan Gabrovski, Ljupco Mirkovski, Vrcak, Ljupco Trajkovski – Fis, Damir Imeri, Ognen Nedelkovski, Vladimir Dojcinovski –Dojcin, Marijan Necak, Renato Mihajlovski, Zlatko Popcevski, Krste Simonovski – Krc, Valentin Soklevski , Hari Kotlarovski, Bozidar Dimovski, Miodrag Necak – Mix, Gogo Dimitrovski and plenty more music names that left their mark on this prestigious happening simply named musical and children’s TRA LA LA. And this year some of these authors were rewarded again: Dragan Karanfilovski – Bojs with the song FOR A MINUTE OR TWO, the award from the Jury for Angela Vasilevska, Kristijan Gabrovski took the award from the television-voting for the song IS IT TRUE sang by Evgenija Hristovska, and Ljupco Trajkovski – Fis for the hit DADDY’S FODBALIER and the great performance of Ana Gastarova took the first price from the audience.

In 2007 TRA LA LA culminated with the great stage art and dancers from the dance club “Step” as well as the marvelous pyrotechnical effects and the new songs on TRA LA LA were performed with great enthusiasm. Filip Pashovski sang for JULIANA and got the award from the audience. Tamara Stojkovska with SONG FOR EUROVISION was proud with the award from the Jury. And the most of the votes from the television went to the song FISHING DREAM performed by the cute Andrej Kosturski. There were no boundaries for these young music names to show their talents out of Bitola. They didn’t mind visiting Kumanovo, Prilep, Demir Hisar, Krusevo, Resen, the first affections were born and the friendship was fulfilled with these appearances. The TRA LA LA participants were acting like one big and harmonious children’s family. And it is still like that, because TRA LA LA connects each and everyone who was, is and it is going to be part of it.

And for the ninth edition of the festival TRA LA LA 2008 there is a lot to say. Another spectacular event with a lot of hits, choreography and scene elements, great audience in the big hall of the Cultural centre in Bitola and three more rewarded songs. Andrea Atanasova was awarded by the audience for PHOTO MODEL , the Jury voted for the song IT’S NOT A SIN and Angela Naumovska, while the sisters Anamarija and Sofia Nastevski got the sympathy from the television voting for the song I HAVE A SYMPATHY with words written by Valentin Soklevski. The media coverage of TRA LA LA opened a viewing field and popularization of all the events connected with it. Part of those media is the best media friend of TRA LA LA TERA TELEVISION from Bitola, A1, Macedonian radio and TV, SITEL and the local TV’s throughout Macedonia, Radio Bitola and Radio B97. TRA LA LA continues to be part of their program schedule. The festival’s participants represent our town and our country out of the borders. Magdalena Kochoska had a successful performance on the children’s festival in Novi Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Luka Tosev glittered on the elite festival in Split, Republic of Croatia. And there are participations that are being expected in Ljubljana, Zajecar, Podgorica, Cairo. TRA LA LA has already been a children’s ambassador of our country and the town of Bitola.

2009 –a decade of TRA LA LA! The tenth anniversary is starting and it is going to be celebrated as appropriate for a manifestation that has been struggling to stand on the pedestal of the most prestigious and the most popular performances on the Balkans. Therefore representatives and participants from several countries are going to be guests of this year’s festival anniversary. Theodora Kulevski was rewarded by the audience for the performance of the song “Tennis player” and again the first prize from the jury goes to Magdalena Kochoska and her wonderful hit “Fallen in love, lost in love.” Special guests to the festival were the famous Bitola Attraction – The band “Parketi”, who on the occasion created a birthday song for “Tra lala”

On the 11th edition of the International children’s festival “Tra la la” Bitola 2010, the nine vocalists from Macedonia along with those from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Republic of Serbia and Croatia, gave this festival a feature of an unique children’s manifestation in our country where the vocalists perform LIVE. Congratulations on the courage and above all the talent and persistency. The Grand Prix prize was given to Magdalena Kochoska, for the song “Magnificent dream”. That year for the first time the festival was guided by Jovan Ristovski’s director’s competence, who shared his experience on stage that was capturing. This year’s novelty and was the specified topic that lingered as a major motive in content,” The Universe “The National Macedonian Television transmitted the event. The awards went to: Ekaterina Cvetkovska from Macedonia for the youngest participant; The award for the Best lyrics went to the song “Blue Planet” from Montenegro; The award for best song went to the composition of Nikolai Dmitriev from Russia and the award for the best arrangement went to Mirtla Krsnik Croatia. The third prize from the jury went to Damjana Apostolovski, the second prize went to Marin Kafadar from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the first prize went to Luka Mirkovski from Serbia. The participants of “Tra lala” represent the festival, our city and the Republic with dignity on big events – Emilia and Damjana were guests in Varna; Tamara, Damjana and Maggie represented us in Ljubljana and Andrej Sireta in Zlatibor-Serbia.

Antique theatre Heraclea, 19.08.2011 The festival enriched with fireworks, light show and shiny stage came up to the twelfth step. The International Children’s Festival “Tra la la” in the Antique theatre Heraclea gathered at one place 18 participants, 8 from Macedonia and 10 coming from other countries such as: Italy, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria… The Children’s Festival Tra la la enforces its educational function appointing a theme for the show. This time the theme is “Music” giving a chance for the children in their early age to become aware of the importance of music about its meaning, about the etiology of the word and its usage. The Grand Prix goes to Elena Stojcevska and the hit song “Just a fantasy” …In the festival’s Parade show special guests are Victor Apostolovski and Magdalena Kochoska. And again-this year there are a lot of tours and awards-Maggie goes to Kukurichek in Croatia; The quartet Tamara, Ana, Maggie and Damjana go to Slovenia; Elena Stojcevska in Shibenik; Magdalena Kocoska in Lido di Jesolo-Venice, Italy and Anna Gashtarova in Denmark-Copenhagen.

The number thirteen as a lucky number! Wonderful, rich edition of “Tra lala”. And this year the antique theater of Hereklea was too small to gather the audience that came to listen to the new hits sang by the stars from Macedonia, Spain, Malta, India, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Kosovo, The Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, Croatia, Poland, Serbia and others. The participants from abroad are numerous, children’s festival “Tra la la” connects more cultures, brings the world together…The performances are all brilliant ,but sadly, there is only one Grand Prix prize! And this year Grand Prix earned a trip to Malta, the magic Enia Magri. This year Ekaterina Cvetkovska for the first time participated on the International Festival in Bosnia, Novi Travnik and Maggie again was the representative of Macedonia, this time in Oneshti, Romania, on the festival Ti amo.

In 2013, the awards went for the best-first place in the three categories: Sarah Nukina from Japan, Shaze Grimma from Malta and Agatha Eva Mociak from Poland. Another starry edition! … The fourteenth birthday. Walking firmly, with singing we grow. “TRA LALA” has grown into a huge festival, alongside with the major European events. Festival Director Toni Aleksovski, valued and respected musician and composer, is a member of the jury committee of about twenty festivals around the world- Italy, Bulgaria, Malta, Denmark, Slovenia, Bosnia, Armenia, Russia and many others. Therefore, “TRA LALA” is being visited by world-famous names as members of the international jury. It is worth to be mentioned that in2013, Toni Aleksovski was a president of the grand festival called “Katyusha” in Moscow, and this year despite participation in juries at festivals in Malta, Sofia, Armenia and others took over the presidential place to the jury in Bled, Slovenia. This year The Grand Prix of the festival with pride and completely deserved went to Corina Braniskan from Romania.

15 years of “Tra la la”! …15 years of love for the stage, the show business and music. 15 years in the concert halls around the globe echoes-“Tra la la”, Bitola, Macedonia! There is no better feeling than to proudly retell how in the year of 2000 this small festival was born in this small town, in this small state and now it has grown into a large, respected, international festival that celebrates music, friendship, equality, love, festival that connects the world! The praises and compliments from our guests about the wonderful organization and hospitality, just give us motivation to be even better. We are proud as Macedonians; weare proud as being from Bitola that in our small town we have this big festival event visited by delegations from many, many countries. 15 years we are being part of the children’s culture of our country. And we promise- will meet many more assignments ahead to continue and retain the ratings of this festival. And proudly will greet many more countries from all the continents, to show that this small town in this small country has a very big heart. That’s the heart that beats for peace, love and children’s laughter. TRA LA LA beats in this rhythm. 15 years of TRA LA LA! Congratulations and have many successful years ahead!