About the Director

Tony Aleksovski – President of Association for Arts “Aleksovski”.

Born on 10.14.1969 in Bitola. Prominent musician and composer. From 2000 he was President of the Association for audio – visual art “BT – Fest”, which is the organizer of the International Music Festival “TRA LA LA”. Member of the jury at several international festivals in Italy, Bulgaria, Malta, Serbia, Denmark, Kosovo, Romania and many others, as well as President of the juries at festivals in Russia and Slovenia. Director and the Regional Union of the World Association of performances and arts (WAPA – Armenia) and the World Association of Festivals and Arts (WAFA). In the future we expect performances and participation in juries at festivals in Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Armenia, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, the Canary Islands and others. Together with representatives of the Festival “TRA LA LA” is representative of 30 tours outside the borders of our country. Winner of many awards, acknowledgments and diplomas for the development of children’s music and culture as well as a plaque for “Ambassador of world peace” by the World Association of Festivals and Arts. Winner of the area on the platform “Leading Bitola” for 2013. For 15 years he was Director of the International Children’s Music